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  • Home heating oil
  • LPG gas deliveries
  • Paraffin
  • Gas Oil
  • Derv
  • Automated top up system
  • Bulk services
  • Cutting fluids
  • Greases
  • Semi & fully synthetic oils
  • Anti freeze
  • Gear oil
  • Thermal oil
  • Hydraulic oil
  • Traffic film remover
  • Transmission oil
  • AD-blue
  • Oils available in 20 & 205 litre containers
  • Screen wash
  • AEROSOL lubricants E.G WD40
  • Replacement plastic/ Steel tanks
  • Boiler servicing


Red diesel is also known as gas oil ,35 seconds, medium diesel, heating oil, tractor diesel, red, generator fuel & many more. Red diesel is mainly used in off road vehicles on building yards & farms. Although red diesel should run fine in the majority of diesel engines its low tax pricing makes it only legal for off road use.


Diesel, also known as dev, white diesel, road diesel, & ULSD, is suitable for use in all road vehicles powered by a diesel engine.

Heating Oil

Central heating in homes & commercial buildings like schools & collages require Kerosene oil. Kerosene is also known 28 second burning oil.

Delivery of our products is subject to availability & your location. However in most cases we are able to deliver products to you within 24-48 hours. We provided a wide range of services to our customers, any questions don't hesitate to contact us. 

AdBlue Supplies, How Much Will You Need & What About Storage?

J & R Oils have ADBLUE AVAILABLE IN 1O, 25, 205 litre containers & 1000 litre IBC's & can also arrange bulk deliveries direct from the manufacturer to your door. Our AdBlue is manufactured to the ISO 22241 quality standard. We also supply a full range of manual & electric pump & transfer equipment. So whether you're new to AdBlue or your own equipment has seen better days, we can help.

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